A little goes a long way.

So I am a few days into Flour & Lead, and I am absolutely fortunate and #blessed (lol) for all of the Facebook shares, the Instagram likes, and for the friends who just wanted to try the "Get in Touch" section of my page. Some of you went beyond what I ever imagined! So many kind words of people I use to work with, friends I fell out of touch with, and just plan 'ol friends who see me everyday who reposted about 1,000 times . I had no idea that my little thing would solicit so much excitement, and love. I was a bit overwhelmed and am truly grateful to all of you.

Update is that I already have a few Orders! The day I launch a Co-worker recommended me, and BAM Hiliary is my very first Flour & Lead customer! She is having me make a very special 18th Birthday Cake for her daughter who is up here in college. How unbelievably sweet is that? I can not wait to make her vegan creation!

Also there are things being done on my page as fast as I can get to them. Links to the Facebook and Instagram account. Pricing page to help navigate where things get messy. I AM fixing my logo (I heard you Craigy), and a New one is in the works. Thank you guys for being patient with me! We are going to have so much fun!

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