Happy Birthday Surprise

Today was the first ACTUAL order under the Flour and Lead name sake, and it was a doozy!

Client, Hillary; called me the very first hour we opened the website and placed an order that day! She had told me she is the mom of Julia who is attending college here in New Paltz while the rest her family is in the city. This is the first time they have been apart on Julia's birthday so she needed something extra special!! Hillary had come to the right place... Flour and Lead! This All Vegan challenge was to give something elegant, but edible. The cake is a simple Vegan Chocolate cake made with applesauce as an egg substitute while the butter cream frosting is vegan butter and powered sugar. Simple, elegant, rustic, REAL!

Upon delivery mom made sure to be on the phone so we could all sing Happy Birthday in Julia's dorm room. I LOVED being part of this moment, and briefly being apart of their story. It was a

s much theirs as it is mine, and that is a beautiful thing. ❤

I can not thank Hillary enough for this great first run. I hope to see that many happy faces in the future.

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