Hectic Holidays

Hey everyone! I am super duper sorry to have been so quiet lately. This whole opening your own business during the holiday season while also attempting to work a full time job has proven to be harder than I anticipated. I have been a very very busy bee!

Update! There have been so many people who have not only ordered from me, but have also supported the crap out of me by sharing everything on social media, handing out our new business cards, and literally ordering extra just to share at holiday parties! I have had so many great and wonderful people enter my life thanks to Flour and Lead. it is truly humbling to feel all of this love!

Soon January will be arriving, and that will give me so much time to sit down and rethink a lot of how i run the show here. I have learned a lot in the short period of time F&L have been open. For starters:

- When some one says "whenever" after I ask several times for a due date. Continue to be firm with them.

-Delivery is totally doable, but only with in reason, and only if the person is ACTUALLY going to be there

-Payment upon delivery, unless otherwise previously discussed

I have been trying to be a nice baker by trying to be an understanding human, but business is as they say "business"

Some good things to come in the new year are things like events! I have already started researching some local events that have been posted. If anyone has anything they would like Flour and Lead to be a part of please feel free to keep me in the loop! Like most fun businesses now a days I am thinking of doing some Merch once we get become big enough! I have already started designs soon it will be productions!

If anyone is in search of our new business cards I have some in Main Street Bistro in New Paltz, as well as Ulster Firearms in Milton. I have more going out around town so please take on or two, and share them with friends! Thank you guys so much for the Love!!

Also! Guys its Christmas! Where did this year go? I have been bumping the Christmas Songs while baking all of my holiday platters, and I found this little gem I attached to the post. I found it to be a really cute song! There are only a few non- tradition Christmas songs out there, very few are about baking! Please enjoy this little ditty I'm leaving here! A little George Straight "Christmas Cookies"



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