It has been forever! 

The other day my mother mentions to me "you know you havent updated your blog in forever" and she was completely right. I became so sidetracked with my 9-5 job, my family, my friends, amd my life that I lost a little focus. Hopefully with the downloading of the new Wix app it is much easier to upload photos and blogs. Before it was going to the website. Signing in. Going to the blog screen. Signing in again, and then finally adding my stuff. Now its all right here!

So it has been awhile! I have baked more cupcakes and cakes then I have ever wanted to, but every cake is another learning experience so I'm taking all I can get. I though opening a strictly pie business is what the people wanted, but I was very wrong. Luckily I have a super supportive husband for when my melt downs occur. I am going to upload a bunch of photos that I've posted in Instagram to udate you guys on my doings. I need to get so much better at documenting my bakes. There are a bunch that are not on my Instagram page due to me baking at night and lighting be awful. I'll keep trying though.

-not included are the 100 cupcakes i baked for a graduation, Several pies, and a few cookie orders.

I still really love my choice to go into business despite my frustrations with whats in my head vs. real life. I want to thank all of you guys for sticking around and maybe we can get a few more in here. There is always room to grow.



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