Pie Sampler packs are here!!

Hey everyone!

How was your winter? Here in upstate New York winter seems to drag on. The weather will go from freezing to sunny and warm in a few days, and then back again. Lots of people keeping getting sick, and even more people want this all to just be over for the year. With spring right around the corner it is time to start getting into the swing of things.

I am happy to announce that we have added a PIE SAMPLER pack to our menu items. This little package contains multiple 4 inch pies that are packed full of eat by yourself pies. They will obviously sample some of our more popular flavors as well as our new up and coming flavors. This is a fantastic way to try a little bit of everything if you are a new customer, or keep everyone happy by ordering a few of everyone's favorites. I figured that if they can do it with chocolate, why cant we do it with pie?



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