The Wolf Whirlwind

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Sooo... I'm not sure how many of you caught on to the fact that I am a country music fan, but I really truly am. The name Flour and Lead, among many things, is a play off of the Miranda Lambert's song "Gun Powder and Lead" that she released back in 2008. She is one of my idols, and all time favorite strong women.

With all of that said... I listen to a local Country Music station everyday in the car, and at work, 94.3 The Wolf. Yes I get some flack from co-workers for listening, and frequently singing very loudly to every song, but last week it paid off!! Every Friday The Wolf does a segment called "Feel Good Friday"

, and I used the opening of Flour and Lead as my happy news (Video is on our Instagram) during the phone call the host Cj mentions he likes linzer cookies (MY FAVORITE)! So as a nice gesture I baked Cj some linzer cookies because, honestly what else was i going to do? This morning I hand delivered the cookies to the radios station, and was granted with an INTERVIEW plugging Flour and Lead!! How friggin crazy is that?!?! All i wanted to do was literally "share some happy" by bringing his favorite cookies, and I was given this amazing opportunity. I can not thank Cj, and Jess enough for having me on the air with them, and supporting my business! I could not be more honored to be a country music fan, and I will certainly keep listening!



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