Winter Breather

Hey guys! I know what you're thinking!

"Where on earth have I been?"

Well January is a super slow month when it comes to sweet treats. Everyone seems to be on a diet or cutting down after all of the holiday goodies. I myself have cut out some carbs to "maintain my figure" so there is no love lost in that respect. I have also been in the process of car buying and supply shopping to keep up with the bakery needs in the foreseeable future. Working a full time job still. Winter Weather. Plus I simply needed a break! You guys sure did keep me busy during the 2018 holiday season. All of the pies, cookies, and cakes had me crawling to my bed after late nights of oven workouts. Thank you to EVERYONE who ordered. Took a business card. All of those who shared our name on Facebook and Instagram. Rated our services, and left reviews. Flour and Lead is not possible without all of you. I am beyond blessed to have you guys with me on this adventure .

With all of that said, things are in the works for 2019. I am still filling orders for pies and there are a lot of Birthday cakes coming up. I have been doing a bunch of "research" on style and technique without giving up what is important to my #realandrustic code. I have played with pushing myself and not just relying on what I already know. I follow a lot of bakers on Insta and came across this new aged/modern pie creators. They are making pies look very neat and stream lined. Below is my attempt on one that I saw. The overall creation was not difficult, but it took a little bit time to cut out 1cm wide strips. I am not the straightest of cutters and it was painstaking for me to detail my way through it. I had to do it twice because I originally started with 1/2 inch strips, and fount them to be far to large. The effect was cool, but I could have done better. Of course it finished it off with an Apple Rose because I am OBSESSED!

Also below are my Hot Chocolate Cookies that always seem to call to me this time of year. When the snow starts to keep my inside these cookies keep me busy, and who does love a nice cup of hot cocoa? Gooey, and messy they are worth the calories , and SERIOUSLY good! Another little thing was a cake I did for a local trivia night here in New Paltz. You guys have seen this design on my cakes before, but it is only because I LOVE to do them this way. There is not to much buttercream. The delicate roses between the two layers give just enough of an "AW" factor. The roses on top give the right effect! There is just something so simple and elegant about this design!



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